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The effects of the individual psychotherapist and implications for future research.

M Lambert, J Okiishi Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice 1997

A body of research concerning psychotherapy outcome is reviewed with the intent of establishing the importance of the individual psychotherapist to treatment process and outcome. Although particular therapy techniques have not been shown to be especially important in therapy process and outcome, they have been the focus of most research a...

Cites in Google Scholar: 142
Coaching vs psychotherapy in health and wellness: Overlap, dissimilarities, and the potential for collaboration

M Jordan, J Livingstone Global Advances 2013

Health coaches and psychotherapists both work with the art and science of facilitating change in their patients and clients. While the evolving field of health coaching and the established disciplines of clinical or counseling psychology share major areas of overlap, there are also significant distinctions between the two fields. This art...

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Developing Principles For Therapeutic Coaching: A UK Perspective

S Jackson, A Parsons Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2016

This position paper describes a proposed definition and theoretical model for therapeutic coaching and coach training, which comes from the authors’ experiences and professional development. It has evolved through rigorous discussions on what it takes to coach effectively for both clients and coaches. Our experiences have highlighted a gr...

Cites in Google Scholar: 3
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