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Peer Coaching: A Strategy for Facilitating Transfer of Training. A CEPM R&D Report.

B Showers 1984

Research has shown that with thorough training, most teachers can acquire new skills and strategies to add to their instructional repertoires. However, the literature also identifies a frequent failure to transfer new knowledge to classroom practice among trainees. Building on previous research, the study reported here investigated the ef...

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Coaching for Action: A Report on Long-Term Advising in a Program Context.

VA Guthrie Center for Creative Leadership 1999

This report discusses ways to enhance leadership development in the work setting. It describes a type of advocate role, called process advisor (PA), that was developed specifically for individuals undergoing developmental experiences in a leadership program. The PA concept helps advisees learn with and from the PA, allowing advisees to be...

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Dealing with issues of the self-concept and self-improvement strategies in coaching and mentoring

T Bachkirova International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2004

This article aims to introduce five models of dealing with the self-concept applied by individuals in the process of personal and professional development and the method of using these models in the context of coaching or mentoring. The experience of using this method is discussed and suggestions are made for those who would like to a...

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Proposing a proximal principle between peer coaching and staff development as a driver for transformation

L Browne International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2006

This article reports on evaluation research undertaken in the United Kingdom on behalf of a consortium of leading edge educational providers engaged in delivering one strand of a Teaching and Learning National Transformation Programme for the Learning and Skills sector. The transformational programme is best described as having three e...

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