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Dream journeys: A new territory for executive coaching.

dVF Kets Consulting Psychology Journal 2014

Executive coaches will be more effective if they understand how their clients think and experience emotions. They have to be skilled at detecting and evaluating the psychological strengths and challenges that can help or hinder a client’s development as a leader. What will be helpful in their work is when they take a more holistic approac...

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Guided Reflection Model: How Executive Coaching Can Assist Organizational Leaders Enhance Their Creativity, Innovation and Wisdom

T Cerni American Journal of Educational Research 2015

This paper outlines how executive coaching can assist organizational leaders engage in a guided process of reflection to enhance their creativity, innovation and wisdom. The conceptual model proposed in this paper is an extension of the Cognitive-Experiential Theory (CET; Epstein, 2014) and the recently developed Cognitive-Experiential Le...

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