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Towards the practice of coaching and coaching psychology in Brazil: the adaptation of the PRACTICE model to the Portuguese language

G Dias, L Gandos, AE Nardi, S Palmer Coaching Psychology Internationa 2011

This paper introduces ‘POSTURA’ and ‘POSITIVO’ as two alternatives for an adaptation of the ‘PRACTICE’ psychological model that is used within cognitive behavioural coaching and therapy. It is part of an international collaborative project aimed at establishing and developing coaching psychology in Brazil. PRACTICE is an important tool...

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Development of an interview sheet based on the GF-PRACTICE model for Solution-focused coaching

Y Tokuyoshi, S Iwasaki, S Palmer Coaching Psychology International 2013

The purpose of this paper is to develop an interview sheet for use within Solution-focused Coaching (SFC), for Semi-structured interviews and Selfcoaching based on an SFC framework. This article provides a brief overview of the development of an interview sheet and then describes the GF-PRACTICE model, ...

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