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Multimodal therapy: A useful model for the executive coach.

JT Richard Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 1999

The author suggests the use of Arnold A. Lazarus's multimodal therapy model as an integrative and holistic approach to executive coaching. So as not to overlook any significant factors, the coach evaluates the executive on seven dimensions. The eclectic-oriented practitioner is encouraged to use a variety of interventions and tests that u...

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A HEALTHY development from the Multimodal approach to coaching

S Rose, S Palmer, S O'Riordan The Coaching Psychologist 2010

This article considers a suggested development from the Multimodal approach that amends the acronym BASIC ID (Behaviours, Affects, Sensations, Imagery, Cognitive, Interpersonal and Drugs/Biology) used in that approach to identify dimensions of human personality and functioning. The suggested alternative mnemonic ‘HEALTHY’ (Habits, Emot...

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