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Mindfulness-based coaching: Conceptualisation, supporting evidence and emerging applications

M Virgili International Coaching Psychology Review 2013

Purpose: The present paper reviews the scholarly literature on mindfulness and coaching and explores the potential contributions to coaching psychology of empirically supported intervention approaches that are based on or incorporate mindfulness concepts or practices. Method: The main psychological mindfulness intervention approaches a...

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A coaching framework for developing the psychological capital of a global mindset

P Parish International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2016

The impact of critical experience on international executives can have serious consequences, assignments may fail. So coaching support may enhance their psychological capital and global competencies. This small heuristic study involved five co-researchers specialised in coaching international executives across the world on career and lead...

Cites in Google Scholar: 12
Contextual behavioural coaching: An evidence-based model for supporting behaviour change

L Hulbert-Williams, K Hochard, N Hulbert-Williams, R Archer,... International Coaching Psychology Review 2016

As coaching psychology finds its feet, demands for evidence-based approaches are increasing both from inside and outside of the industry. There is an opportunity in the many evidence-based interventions in other areas of applied psychology that are of direct relevance to coaching psychology. However, there may too be risks associated with...

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An integral quadrants perspective of coaching presence: A qualitative study of professional coaches

M Abravanel, J Gavin International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2021

A multi-dimensional perspective emerged from this qualitative investigation of coaching presence pertaining to a coach's focus and behaviors during a coaching session. The qualitative methodology was informed by grounded theory and employed sensitising concepts derived from Wilber's quadrant framework. Data came from semi-structured in...

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A systematic review of socio-cognitive mindfulness interventions and its implications for wellbeing coaching

K Crabtree, J Papworth, W Pennington, K Swainston International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2024

This review investigates the relevance of socio-cognitive mindfulness (Langer, 1989) to wellbeing coaching by systematically synthesising the evidence to understand how socio-cognitive mindfulness interventions work. The search yielded 2,867 peer-reviewed studies with twelve papers meeting the eligibility criteria. The interventions induc...

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