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When feedback is not enough: The impact of regulatory fit on motivation after positive feedback

A Jarzebowski, J Palermo, R van de Berg International Coaching Psychology Review 2012

Objectives: Feedback is widely used in coaching practice, however, empirical findings are inconsistent regarding the motivational effect of feedback. Positive or negative feedback can be framed in a way that aligns with an individual’s preferred manner during goal pursuit, that is, their regulatory fit. This study is the first to exami...

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Coaching in the wild: Identifying factors that lead to success.

S Sonesh, C Coultas, S Marlow, C Lacerenza, D Reyes, E Salas Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2015

Although executive coaching has been shown to be effective, few research initiatives have attempted to understand the importance of the emergent relationship between a coach and coachee. This article explores the factors that influence coaching outcomes from both the coach and coachee’s perspective and presents the results of the mediatin...

Cites in Google Scholar: 85
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