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Executive coaching: Developing managerial wisdom in a world of chaos.

R Kilburg American Psychological Association 2000

The unrelenting pace of business in modern organizations places constant pressure on employees, challenging the physical and emotional resources of both staff and supervisors. Consultants have become familiar with the survivalist mentality among workers, each struggling to improve production, solve intractable conflict, and chart realisti...

Cites in Google Scholar: 750
Workplace failure: Mastering the last taboo.

N Newton, C Khanna, J Thompson Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2008

Consulting psychologists often coach individuals confronting obvious or implied workplace failure. They face the challenge of facilitating clients’ ability to learn valuable personal and professional lessons from the experience while helping them negotiate the negative psychological, emotional, and practical consequences of failure in...

Cites in Google Scholar: 52
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