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Executive coaching

G Blackman-Sheppard Industrial and Commercial Training 2004

Executive coaching is often seen as higher grade coaching that is the sole prerogative of the high‐flying executive, accompanied on hallowed ground by the mystical executive coach. However, the foundation stones for executive coaching – quality integrated thinking, confidentiality, trust – are equally important to all its people if an org...

Cites in Google Scholar: 859
Step-up imagery technique

S Palmer The Coaching Psychologist 2010

This article focuses on Step-up imagery which is a technique that can be used to assess anticipatory anxiety or fear.

Cites in Google Scholar: 5
Coping imagery

S Palmer The Coaching Psychologist 2008

This article describes coping imagery, an established visualisation technique. Coping imagery can reduce stress and increase confidence and performance before challenging situations.

Cites in Google Scholar: 15
Executive coaching and leadership assessment: Past, present, and future.

L Sperry Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2013

Executive coaching has come of age both inside and outside the field of consulting psychology, and has become one of its most significant developments in the past decade. This article briefly describes this phenomenon. It also suggests that executive coaching can continue to be a defining force in consulting psychology in the coming decad...

Cites in Google Scholar: 41
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