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Coaching expatriate managers for success: Adding value beyond training and mentoring

GN Abbott, BW Stening, PWB Atkins, AM Grant Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources 2006

This paper explores the potential of evidence-based executive coaching as an intervention for facilitating expatriate success. One-to-one professional coaching is proposed as a powerful supplement to two interventions that have traditionally been used to assist expatriate managers – training and mentoring. Coaching is likely to be effecti...

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Coaching for career capital development: a study of expatriates’ narratives

R Salomaa, L Mäkelä International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2017

This study explores, through stories, how coaching supports the development of expatriates’ career capital; it is the first empirical investigation in this area. A narrative analysis was conducted to explore semi-structured interviews. Coaching was perceived to support the development of career capital capabilities (‘knowing-how’, ‘knowin...

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