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Classical sources of human strength: Revisiting an old home and building a new one.

M McCullough, C Snyder Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology 2000

A virtue is defined as any psychological process that enables a person to think and act so as to benefit both him- or herself and society. Character is a higher-order construct reflecting the possession of several of the component virtues. The process by which the topics of virtue and character fell out of favor in psychology is reviewed,...

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Strengths coaching: A potential-guided approach to coaching psychology.

P Linley, S Harrington International Coaching Psychology Review 2006

As unlikely as it might seem, strengths have been a much neglected topic in psychology until relatively recently. In this article, we provide an historical context for the study of psychological strengths before going on to consider three approaches to understanding strengths. We locate a psychological understanding of strengths in the...

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