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Motivational processes affecting learning.

C Dweck American Psychologist 1986

Describes how motivational processes influence a child's acquisition, transfer, and use of knowledge and skills. Recent research within the social-cognitive framework illustrates adaptive and maladaptive motivational patterns, and a research-based model of motivational processes is presented that shows how the particular performance or le...

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Is FeedForward the way forward? A comparison of the effects of FeedForward coaching and feedback.

A McDowall, K Freeman, S Marshall International Coaching Psychology Review 2014

Objectives: The FeedForward Interview (FFI) is a means of structuring conversations (Kluger & Nir, 2006), such as performance appraisals, or indeed coaching in organisations. Conceptually situated in a positive psychological paradigm, FFI techniques build on appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider & Srivastva, 1987), positive psychology (Seligm...

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