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The Evolving Self Problem and Process in Human Development

R Kegan Harvard University Press 1982

The Evolving Self focuses upon the most basic and universal of psychological problems—the individual’s effort to make sense of experience, to make meaning of life. According to Robert Kegan, meaning-making is a lifelong activity that begins in earliest infancy and continues to evolve through a series of stages encompassing childhood, adol...

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Dispositional affect and leadership effectiveness: A comparison of self-esteem, optimism, and efficacy

MMm Chemers, CB Watson, ST May Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2000

A two-part study examined the effects of leadership efficacy and optimism on the evaluation and performance of military cadet leaders. Cadets at several universities responded to measures of leadership confidence and optimism. In Part 1, the cadets (n = 96) were rated for leadership potential by their military science professors. Both lea...

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Personal factors of high-achieving women that contribute to the low number of executives in corporations

M Reynold 2007

There are two generations of women holding management positions in numbers in U.S. corporations. Most of the research and books have focused on the difficulties and needs of the first generation. The second generation of women leaders, born between 1955 and 1980, are better trained, more savvy and have a stronger sense of self than their ...

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