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Evidence Is a Verb: A Relational Approach to Knowledge and Mastery in Coaching

D Drake International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2009

This article provides a fresh look at the evidential needs in coaching by outlining important principles for the bases of evidence-based practice, the nature of evidence itself, the links between research and practice, the uses of evidence, the politics of evidence and the implications of evidence as a basis for coaching. The aim is to...

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Relating to evidence as coaching psychologists: Widening the lens on our approaches to investigation

S Corrie The Coaching Psychologist 2016

In order to establish its reputation as a distinct domain of applied psychology, coaching psychology needs to demonstrate that it is underpinned by a cogent evidence-base. However, traditional approaches to defining and categorising evidence may not prove fit for purpose for a form of professional practice that is as diverse as coaching. ...

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