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What’s in a name? A literature-based approach to understanding mentoring, coaching, and other constructs that describe developmental interactions

CP D’Abate, ER Eddy, SI Tannenbaum Human resource development review 2003

Employee development can take a variety of forms including “developmental interactions” such as coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship, and action learning. The broad literature on approaches to development lacks agreement on what these constructs represent. Rather than impose new construct definitions on the field, the current research addr...

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Issues in conducting quantitative studies on the impact of coaching and mentoring in Higher Education

J Andreanoff International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2016

Whilst there has long been a call for evidence of a more quantifiable nature to show the impact of coaching interventions, in particular within the education sector, there may be good reasons for why this has been absent thus far. This paper highlights the issues of conducting quantitative research to establish outcomes of coaching interv...

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