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A Five-dimensional Model of Attributes: Some precursors of executive coach selection

D Gray, Y Ekinci, H Goregaokar International Journal of Selection and Assessment 2011

The purpose of this study was to specify a set of attributes, identified as important precursors to coach selection. Executive coaching has grown exponentially, but there have been few studies as to the efficacy of coaching, including the factors that influence a manager's choice of coach. This study sought to identify these factors. The ...

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The Role Of Coaching For Relationship Satisfaction, Self-Reflection, And Self-Esteem: Coachees’ Self-Presentation Ability As A Moderator

J Rank, D Gray Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2017

Although theoretical and applied work has emphasized the critical role of coachee personality in the coaching process, little empirical research has identified specific personality traits as moderating variables. Drawing from social-psychological theories, we examined coachees’ ability to modify self-presentation, a major facet of the sel...

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