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Aligning leadership and organizational culture: The leader culture fit framework for coaching organizational leaders.

L Nieminen, B Biermeier-Hanson, D Denison Consulting Psychology Journal 2013

This paper describes the conceptual underpinning and application of a novel framework for coaching organizational leaders. Rooted in person– environment fit theory, the leader– culture fit framework yields a set of inferences about leader– culture fit and leads to several unique perspectives on coaching. The intent of the framework is to ...

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Leadership Coaching 2.0: Improving the Marriage between Leadership and Coaching

K Otter Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2017

This paper posits that in order for leadership coaching to realize its potential as a method for leadership development and to mature as a coaching specialty, a more robust engagement with the field of leadership and leadership development is needed. It describes the author’s journey of exploring the link between his knowledge of leadersh...

Cites in Google Scholar: 9
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