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Alignment Coaching: The Missing Element in Business Coaching

J Lazar, W Bergquist The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2003

Most business-based coaching concerns one of two critical junctures in the life of a manager: decision-making and performance. Yet, there is a third form of coaching in a business setting that can be quite beneficial. This form of coaching is called “alignment coaching.” This third type of business coaching is explored in this article thr...

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Executive Coaching Summit I: Documenting the Emerging Field of Coaching in Organizations

L Smith, J Sandstrom The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2003

Executive Coaching, as a distinct specialty within the practice of Coaching in Organizations, expanded during the 90’s in such a rapid and broad way, that its senior practitioners felt the need to stop and reflect on their practice even as it was developing. Some of the best Executive Coaches in the country, people driven by an attitude o...

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