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Theory in practice: Increasing professional effectiveness.

C Argyris, DA Schon Jossey-Bass 1974

Discusses the concern that the professions are neither effective nor democratic in practice. Professional competence and its acquisition and the redesigning of professional education according to the necessities of competent practice are explored, and it is proposed that competence is based on the ability to develop theories of what to do...

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Coaching in a Distinctive Government Agency: Interview of Susana Isaacson

B Bergquist International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

Those who have the joy and privilege of knowing and working with Susana Isaacson will often describe her as a “force of nature.” Her level of commitment to the welfare of the men and women she coaches is truly remarkable—and the field in which she has chosen to coach for many years is also remarkable: the clandestine operations of the Cen...

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