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Towards a model of coaching transfer: An exploration of the effects of coaching inputs on transfer

L Stewart, S Palmer, H Wilkin, M Kerrin International Coaching Psychology Review 2008

Objectives: Executive coaching has become a respected learning and development strategy. Coaching outcomes and the conditions required for coachees to implement and sustain their development in the workplace have yet to be fully understood. These deficits impede coaching evaluation. The present study sought to operationalise a successful ...

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Regulating the regulators: Paving the way for international, evidencebased coaching standards

K Griffiths, M Campbell International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2008

Attempts to standardise coaching and develop frameworks of accreditation for professional coaches currently appear to be growing as rapidly as the coaching industry itself. Coach training organisations, professional associations and universities are vying to regulate the industry through the development of competencies and standards. How...

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Coaching From A Philosophy Of Science Perspective

T Krapu Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2016

Coaching is a multidisciplinary human development method. As such there is no academic discipline that ‘owns’ the coaching profession. Having contributors from across disciplines can appear to result in an amalgam or patchwork of techniques that have been thrown together with no underlying principles to guide them. This can invite a view ...

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Preparing Instructional Coaches for Teachers in America’s Public Schools

L Lucas Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2017

Growing numbers of classroom teachers and reading specialists in schools across the United States are being asked to provide coaching to their colleagues, a form of job-embedded professional development. This paper describes an approach to developing instructional coaches with a particular focus on coaching presence. Presence in this ...

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