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Coaching versus therapy: A perspective.

J Blattner, V Hart, S Leipsic Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2001

This article reports a study of current perceptions among professionals regarding therapy and coaching. Whereas therapy and counseling have been traditional fields of study and practice, coaching is not as well developed. It is helpful to examine the perceptions of practicing professionals in order to delineate the distinctions and overla...

Cites in Google Scholar: 294
Does coaching work? A meta-analysis on the effects of coaching on individual level outcomes in an organizational context.

T Theeboom, B Beersma, AEM van Vianen The Journal of Positive Psychology 2014

Whereas coaching is very popular as a management tool, research on coaching effectiveness is lagging behind. Moreover, the studies on coaching that are currently available have focused on a large variety of processes and outcome measures and generally lack a firm theoretical foundation. With the meta-analysis presented in this article, we...

Cites in Google Scholar: 1014
Family coaching: An emerging family science field

K Allen, NL Huff Family Relations 2014

Although there is a rich history of collaboration and distinction among family practitioners, to remain progressive, the domains of family practice must continue to evolve based on the current practices of family professionals. Recently, family coaching (FC) has captured the professional attention of practitioners as another collaborative...

Cites in Google Scholar: 48
Patterns of leadership behaviour: Implications for successful executive coaching outcomes

KM Wasylyshyn, HS Shorey, J Chaffin The Coaching Psychologist 2012

An analysis of 300 business executive coaching cases resulted in the identification of three leadership behaviour patterns. These patterns were conceptualised on a continuum of remarkable, perilous, and toxic behaviour. It is suggested that the ability to recognise where their clients are on this behavioural continuum may aid executive...

Cites in Google Scholar: 40
A framework for family life coaching

K Allen International Coaching Psychology Review 2013

Many family life educators utilise a coach approach to serving families, and many coaching psychologists serve families in their coaching profession, yet there is a deficit of theoretical or application literature on coaching families. This paper argues that it is time to begin a global discussion on the topic of family life coaching a...

Cites in Google Scholar: 31
Developing an agenda for teaching coaching psychology

A Grant International Coaching Psychology Review 2011

The research and practice of coaching psychology has developed considerably over the past 10 years. However, if coaching psychology is to continue to grow and develop, an educational and teaching framework needs to be established. Very little attention has been paid in the published literature to the teaching of coaching psychology. Th...

Cites in Google Scholar: 90
The use of coaching strategies within the field of social work

M Burroughs, K Allen, N Huff Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and P... 2017

The rapidly growing field of coaching has permeated a variety of social science disciplines over the last 40 years, including social work. Because social work continues to evolve in its service to diverse populations with wide-ranging needs, its flexibility has allowed for the inclusion of a variety of progressive treatment approaches suc...

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