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Ethical Codes and Executive Coaches One Size Does Not Fit All

P Fatien Diochon, J Nizet Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 2015

While most coaching scholars and professionals focus on the role of codes of conduct in sustaining ethical behavior in the practice of executive coaching, our research answers the call to go “beyond the book.” Our study aims to describe restrictions identified by executive coaches to the application of codes to ethical conflicts. The anal...

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Transcending Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching and Supervision: A Model to Develop a Transpersonal Perspective

K Hirani Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2017

While it is not uncommon to react to ethical dilemmas in coaching with a reactive mindset looking for the “right answer”, this approach to dilemmas limits capacity to navigate them as a source of transcendence of conflicts. This paper explores how coaches and supervisors can develop an ethically mature and transpersonal mindset, which...

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