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Evidence-based answers to 15 questions about leveraging 360-degree feedback. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research

K Nowack, S Mashihi 2012

Despite the popularity of 360-degree feedback, meta-analytic findings suggest that these interventions can lead to a significant change in behavior but the effect sizes are typically modest and when done poorly may lead to both disengagement and a decline in performance. The research evidence addressing practical issues for coaches to suc...

Cites in Google Scholar: 134
Sleep, Emotional Intelligence, and Interpersonal Effectiveness: Natural Bedfellows

K Nowack Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2017

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America Poll, U.S. adults sleep between 6.7 to 7.3 hr every night, which has decreased by approximately 2 hr per night since the 19th century (National Sleep Foundation, 2016). Inconsistent or insufficient sleep can be costly for business, impacting leadership decision making/judgment,...

Cites in Google Scholar: 40
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Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep: Exploring Leaders’ Sleep Patterns, Problems, and Attitudes

E Svetieva, C Clerkin, M Ruderman Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2017

A growing amount of research has demonstrated the key role that sleep plays in both leadership effectiveness and overall organizational performance. However, less research has explored the everyday sleep habits of leaders or their beliefs about sleep. As a result, the field of consulting psychology has little knowledge regarding common sl...

Cites in Google Scholar: 23
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