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Comment on debate article: Coaching Psychology Coming of Age: The challenges we face in the messy world of complexity

R Stacey International Coaching Psychology Review 2012

The authors of the paper, ‘Coaching Psychology Coming of Age’, conduct their analysis in terms of a diagram which I included in the second edition of my textbook, Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics, published in 1996. This presented a number of contexts within which decisions have to be made and control exerted: condition...

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Does coaching psychology need the concept of formulation

D Lane, S Corrie International Coaching Psychology Review 2009

The aim of this paper is to raise awareness of some of the debates and controversies surrounding formulation, and to highlight ways of navigating these debates more successfully for the benefits of ourselves, our clients and the future development of our profession. The concept of formulation, that is an explanatory account of the issu...

Cites in Google Scholar: 30
What can realist evaluation tell us about how coaching interventions work?

L Kovacs, S Corrie The Coaching Psychologist 2016

This article introduces realist evaluation and makes the case that it is a useful addition to more traditional approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of coaching interventions. Realist evaluation is discussed in the context of current trends in evaluation and an overview of the realist evaluation approach is given. A case study provid...

Cites in Google Scholar: 8
Executive coaching in an era of complexity. Study 1. Does executive coaching work and if so how? A realist evaluation

L Kovacs, S Corrie International Coaching Psychology Review 2017

Objectives: Executive coaching is delivered within business environments that are highly complex and unpredictable. A current debate is whether novel approaches to coaching are needed to help leaders become skilled in navigating complexity. The objectives of this research were to: (i) develop a coaching framework for helping coaches work ...

Cites in Google Scholar: 21
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