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Coaching Skills: A Handbook

J Rogers Open University Press 2012

Book Description: "A straightforward approach to the simple art of coaching conversations, while offering insight into the complexity and sophistication of coaching for those looking to take their practice to the next level." Dr Jonathan Passmore, Independent Consultant "Coaching Skills is much more than just a book containing a wide port...

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Theory in practice: Increasing professional effectiveness.

C Argyris, DA Schon Jossey-Bass 1974

Discusses the concern that the professions are neither effective nor democratic in practice. Professional competence and its acquisition and the redesigning of professional education according to the necessities of competent practice are explored, and it is proposed that competence is based on the ability to develop theories of what to do...

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Three windows of development: A postprofessional perspective on supervision

DB Drake International Coaching Psychology Review 2014

This paper offers three new perspectives on supervision that reflect the embodied practices of the guilds of old yet address the increased complexities of our postprofessional era. The suite of three frameworks in this paper bridge those worlds through a focus on mastery, and they provide an underlying architecture for the development ...

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An exploration of the ‘walk and talk’ coaching session format

S Reading Coaching Psychology International 2016

This article is an examination of the ‘walk and talk’ coaching session format including a description of what these sessions entail and the therapeutic benefits, particularly in relation to stress management and implementing healthy lifestyle changes. Practical limitations of this coaching method are discussed and suggestions for further ...

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Coaching with puppets

A Turner The Coaching Psychologist 2016

This paper explores the use of finger puppets within coaching sessions as guides, as an aid for reflective thinking and as a reflective aid to eventual action. These can be used as part of an exploratory approach to coaching.

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Coaching through walking

A Turner The Coaching Psychologist 2017

This article is the second in an occasional series of papers that attempt to articulate different approaches to coaching practice and should be read in conjunction with the first article about working with finger puppets (Turner, 2016). Both articles illustrate a set of different approaches to further coaching practice that seeks to suppo...

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