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The Evolving Self Problem and Process in Human Development

R Kegan Harvard University Press 1982

The Evolving Self focuses upon the most basic and universal of psychological problems—the individual’s effort to make sense of experience, to make meaning of life. According to Robert Kegan, meaning-making is a lifelong activity that begins in earliest infancy and continues to evolve through a series of stages encompassing childhood, adol...

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Leadership Team Coaching; a trust-based coaching relationship

S Wotruba International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2016

The coaching relationship is seen as integral to individual coaching, but less is known about the nature of the relationship within a team coaching context. This study explores the importance that leadership team coaching practitioners attach to the coaching relationship and as a consequence what that means for how they work with teams. A...

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A Brain-Based Approach to Coaching

D Rock, J Schwartz International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2006

This article introduces a theoretical foundation to coaching based on brain function. it highlights some of the current findings about the neuroscience of attention, insight, reflection and action, through interviews with a leading neuroscientist.

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Developing Leaders at Business Schools with Coaching Skills Aligned with the Goals of Responsible Management Education

D Aiken, S Van Coller-Peter Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2018

The invitation for higher education institutions to transform curricula in line with the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) sets the background for this paper. In this paper the authors reflect on the viability of providing experiential leadership development in business s...

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