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Towards a Psychology of Coaching: The Impact of Coaching on Metacognition, Mental Health and Goal Attainment.

AM Grant 2001

A theoretical framework for a psychology of coaching was developed. First, the literature on cognitive approaches to coaching, behavioral approaches to coaching, and combinations of the cognitive and behavioral approaches was reviewed. Next, two studies examined the development and validation of a new measure of private self-consciousness...

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The Impact of Life Coaching on Undergraduate Students: A Multiyear Analysis of Coaching Outcomes

E Lefdahl-Davis, L Huffman, J Stancil, A Alayan International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2018

Life coaching is a professional practice which aims to help people flourish in life, by living according to their strengths, striving to reach goals, and achieve well-being in all areas of life. At colleges and universities in the United States, free counselling resources are sometimes provided for students, but coaching services are less...

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