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Transformative dimensions of adult learning.

J Mezirow ERIC 1991

This book presents a theory of how adults learn by making meaning of their experiences. Chapter 1 gives an overview of an emerging transformation theory of adult learning, compares it with other theories of adult learning, and describes the dynamics of the process through which one makes meaning of one's experience. Chapter 2 examines the...

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The meaning of peer group mentoring in the university context

T Skaniakos, A Piirainen International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2019

Peer mentoring is commonly used for didactical and learning purposes. In this study we examine peer group mentoring in the university context. The aim is to promote understanding of peer group mentoring based on a meta-analysis of two primary studies: teacher students and teacher group tutors. As a result, three core categories were fou...

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