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Large-scale survey of trust and safety in coaching supervision: Some evidence that we are doing it right

E de Haan International Coaching Psychology Review 2017

Objectives: There is increasing interest in supervision across the executive and workplace coaching professions, and so it is worth exploring whether promised bene ts can be demonstrated. A large-scale empirical survey was conducted into the satisfaction, trust and vulnerability of coaching supervisees. Results are compared with those tha...

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The state and future of coaching supervision

J Tkach, J DiGirolamo International Coaching Psychology Review 2017

As the coaching industry has grown over the past twenty years, so has the interest in coaching supervision. Although most in the industry agree that supervision plays a valuable role, few agree about what that role should actually be. Even the de nition of coaching supervision is widely debated. This paper provides background and history ...

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The role of neuroticism and supervision in the relationship between negative effects for clients and novice coaches

C Graßmann, C Schermuly Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and P... 2017

The majority of coaches experience negative effects from coaching, but little is known of what determines their occurrence. This study investigates the relationship between negative effects for clients and for coaches from both clients’ and coaches’ perspectives. It also analyses the role of coaches’ neuroticism and the use of supervision...

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ICF Supervision Literature Review 2017

J Tkach, J DiGirolamo International Coach Federation 2017

This report is an update on the state of coaching supervision for 2017. For a comparison to last year’s report, please see Tkach and DiGirolamo (2017). We examined a total of 16 academic and industry research articles on coaching supervision and five academic articles on clinical supervision published between 2016 and 2017. The research p...

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