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Transformation to academic leadership: The role of mentorship and executive coaching

W Rathmell, N Brown, R Kilburg Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2019

The transition to academic leadership entails learning to utilize an enormous new collection of skills. Executive leadership coaching is a personalized training approach that is being increasingly used to accelerate the onboarding of effective leaders. Vanderbilt University Medical Center has invested in a robust coaching strategy that is...

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Perspectives on the importance of leadership and the value of coaching in an academic medical research institution

B Mitchell Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research in Orga... 2019

This article comments on an innovative case study in Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research titled “Transformation to Academic Leadership: The Role of Mentorship and Executive Coaching” by W. Kimryn Rathmell, Nancy J. Brown, and Richard R. Kilburg (see record 2019-52290-001). The case study documents the development of a phy...

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