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A Q methodology study: How do coaches foster the coaching relationship?

E Crosse International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and The Coa... 2019

There have been numerous studies which demonstrate the importance of the coaching relationship and its relevance in ensuring the successful outcome of the coaching process. However, there has been little exploration of the coach’s perspective; how do they make sense of their ability to foster coaching relationships in practice? Q-method...

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Coaching to enhance learning and reinforce commitment

P Lyons, R Bandura International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2021

The focus of the research was to search for and identify theory and practical constructs to guide the creation of a model for manager-as-coach to assist employees and the manager to improve knowledge and competence. At the same time the proposed model is aimed at stimulating a commitment relationship between manager and employee. Contr...

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