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Insight events in coaching sessions

I Lightfood International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and The Coa... 2019

There is little research available that describes or gives a picture of what happens in a coaching session. This paper provides a view of the events containing insight within coaching sessions. Using the lived experiences of six coach/client dyads, themes emerged as to the structure of the significant moment and wider events, before, d...

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How good is a coachee’s mentalizing capacity? : measuring reflective functioning in the coaching process

D Hinn, S Kotte, H Möller International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2024

Mentalization is the basis of the human ability to understand interpersonal behaviour and is consid-ered a key competence in psychotherapy research. We apply mentalization theory to workplace coaching and argue for its added value from a conceptual perspective. We illustrate its empirical potential with an exploratory analysis of a coachi...

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