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Understanding the factors that determine workplace coaching effectiveness: a systematic literature review

G Bozer, R Jones European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 2018

Meta-analytic results have established that workplace coaching is effective, however, little is known about the determinants of coaching effectiveness. This paper reports an inclusive systematic literature review, covering the quantitative and qualitative research on workplace coaching. We focus on seven promising areas in the current wor...

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The Neuroscience Of Coaching

R Boyatzis, A Jack Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2018

Neuroscience can shed light on the underlying mechanisms of coaching and provide important insights to facilitate development. These insights provide guideposts for a more effective, interactive coaching process that is most successful when it remains fluid, responsive, and centered on the client. In this article we introduce our general ...

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Metaphor Magic in Coaching and Coaching Supervision

L Seto, T Geithner International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2018

Metaphor Magic draws from symbolic modeling, systems theory, sandplay therapy, and Clean Language, and uses symbolic metaphors to support clients in coaching and coaching supervision. The Metaphor Magic Box contains small objects with which clients build and explore their metaphoric landscape in relation to a question, topic, or scenario....

Cites in Google Scholar: 25
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Seeing Polaris: A Call to Integrate Visual Images into Coaching Action Plans

Y Prywes, E Mah Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal 2019

This paper recommends that coaches consider equipping clients with a visual image to refer to between sessions. This recommendation is based on the authors’ personal experience as well as research and theory from the fields of education, persuasion science, and motivational psychology, which suggest that visual images may help clients...

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