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Strengths and coaching: An annotated bibliography from the behavioral science literature

TTC So, C Kauffman 2010

Coaching is increasingly recognized for its use for enhancing work performance and professional development, as well as facilitating goal attainment and behavioral change in life. Complementary to coaching psychology is positive psychology, as they share many assumptions about the potential of people’s flourishing and both aspire to enhan...

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Coaching and Human Resource Development Examining Relevant Theories, Coaching Genres, and Scales to Advance Research and Practice

AD Ellinger, S Kim Advances in Developing Human Resources 2014

The Problem Coaching is a pervasive form of development that has garnered significant attention among scholars and practitioners. Although interest in coaching has grown considerably in recent years, coaching has been criticized as being opinion- and best-practice-based, as well as atheoretical. It has been critiqued as being an under-exa...

Cites in Google Scholar: 153
The strengths of the strengthspotter: Individual characteristics associated with the identification of strengths in others

PA Linley, G Minhas International Coaching Psychology Review 2011

Objectives: The identification of a client’s personal strengths within the coaching environment is becoming a growing focus for coaching psychologists, driven in part by the continued growth of the positive psychology movement and in part by the evidence for the benefits of strengths use. This study set out to examine the strengths tha...

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