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Coaching for Action: A Report on Long-Term Advising in a Program Context.

VA Guthrie Center for Creative Leadership 1999

This report discusses ways to enhance leadership development in the work setting. It describes a type of advocate role, called process advisor (PA), that was developed specifically for individuals undergoing developmental experiences in a leadership program. The PA concept helps advisees learn with and from the PA, allowing advisees to be...

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The Adequacy of Competency Frameworks for Coaching Academic Deans: A Critical Review

I Nadeem, B Garvey, M Down International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2021

This paper explores the adequacy of existing coaching competency frameworks to address the complexities of coaching academic deans. The unit of analysis of this interpretative and evaluative case study is the coaching practice based on the core competencies as prescribed by ICF and EMCC. It uses five sources of evidence that converge to...

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