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Towards a model of coaching transfer: Operationalising coaching success and the facilitators and barriers to transfer.

M Kerrin, S Palmer, L Stewart, H Wilkin International Coaching Psychology Review 2008

Objectives: Executive coaching has become a respected learning and development strategy. Coaching outcomes and the conditions required for coachees to implement and sustain their development in the workplace have yet to be fully understood. These deficits impede coaching evaluation. The present study sought to operationalise a successful ...

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Capitalizing on coaching investment: Enhancing coaching transfer.

S Palmer, L Stewart Development and Learning in Organizations: An International ... 2009

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to raise organization's and practitioner's awareness of how to maximise coaching investment via enhancing coaching transfer. Design/methodology/approach – This paper is based on a research project that comprised two sub‐studies. The first employed used semi‐structured interviews and qualitative ...

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Gaining maximum value from executive and business coaching when Multi-stakeholder contracting takes places

E Turner, P Hawkins 2015

This research, explores how to gain maximum value from multi-stakeholder contracting with the aim of sharing best practice. It is based on over 650 questionnaire responses from coaches, organisations and clients on the impact, benefit and challenges of stakeholder contracting. For the first time it has also provided guidance from parti...

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