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Mentoring and coaching in academia: Reflections on a mentoring/coaching relationship

R Carmel, M Paul Policy Futures in Education 2015

The changing landscape in Higher Education has made it more difficult for less experienced academics to find persons willing and able to invest in, and support their professional development. Mentoring and coaching provide psychosocial assistance in the work space, which assists mentees to deal more effectively with role ambiguity, role c...

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Peer Coaching in Government: A Set of Case Studies

W Bergquist, J Ellis, M Barratt, M Schenck International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2008

The co-authors of this article have all been involved in a major organizational coaching program in a Canadian territorial government. Governments throughout the world typically face uncertain futures with regard to the funding of innovative programs, such as organizational coaching. This uncertainty can be at least partially confronted, ...

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Introducing a coaching culture within an academic faculty

G Callaghan International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2022

This paper describes a change project which seeks to introduce a coaching culture within an academic faculty. It discusses the changing academic labour market and the pressures this puts on academics, the potential for coaching to contribute to staff development and reflections on the practicalities of introducing coaching to academic man...

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