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Evaluating the effectiveness of executive coaching: Beyond ROI?

G Dai, MKP De, R Lee An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice 2009

The popularity of executive coaching has increased dramatically in both the practitioner world and academia during the past decade. However, evaluating the effectiveness of coaching has lagged behind. Executive coaching is a multi-disciplinary practice, and professionals from many different scholarly backgrounds provide coaching services....

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Signalling a new trend in executive coaching outcome research

E de Haan, A Duckworth International Coaching Psychology Review 2013

Purpose: This contribution argues for a new way of studying executive-coaching outcome. The argument accepts that we are not likely to get rigorous data on coaching outcome from well-designed clinical trials in the near future, and assumes a degree of effectiveness that is based upon the first indications and the more rigorous studies ...

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What Does Effective Behaviour Look Like In A Conversation To Support Acquisition Of New Skills That Ultimately Lead To Better Productivity And Performance?

J Curran EMCC Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference 2017

The purpose of this paper is to introduce verbal behavioural analysis as a methodology for identifying effective coaching behaviour within different coaching contexts. The paper presents research results that illustrate the impact of different coaching styles and relates them to a coaching context model to provide coaches with a framework...

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