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Executive coaching enhances goal attainment, resilience and workplace well-being: A randomised controlled study

AM Grant, L Curtayne, G Burton The Journal of Positive Psychology 2009

In a randomised controlled study, 41 executives in a public health agency received 360-degree feedback, a half-day leadership workshop, and four individual coaching sessions over 10 weeks. The coaching used a cognitive-behavioural solution-focused approach. Quantitative and qualitative measures were taken. This is the first published rand...

Cites in Google Scholar: 828
Cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused life coaching: Enhancing goal striving, well-being, and hope

L Green, L Oades, A Grant The Journal of Positive Psychology 2006

Research is in its infancy in the newly emerging field of coaching psychology. This study examined the effects of a 10-week cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused life coaching group programme. Participants were randomly allocated to a life coaching group programme (n  = 28) or a waitlist control group (n  = 28). Participation in the life...

Cites in Google Scholar: 656
Coaching psychology: An introduction.

S Palmer, A Whybrow Routledge Publications 2008

In this introductory chapter the authors consider what is coaching and coaching psychology, the origins of coaching psychology and the specific study of the psychology of coaching, and the gradual professionalisation of coaching psychology with the move towards coaching psychology becoming an applied area of psychology. Then the authors i...

Cites in Google Scholar: 59
Green exercise in the UK countryside: Effects on health and psychological well-being, and implications for policy and planning

J Pretty, J Peacock, R Hine, M Sellens, N South, M Griffin Journal of environmental planning and management 2007

There is evidence that contact with the natural environment and green space promotes good health. It is also well known that participation in regular physical activity generates physical and psychological health benefits. The authors have hypothesised that ‘green exercise’ will improve health and psychological well-being, yet few studies ...

Cites in Google Scholar: 787
The mental and physical health outcomes of green exercise

J Pretty, J Peacock, M Sellens, M Griffin International journal of environmental health research 2005

Both physical activity and exposure to nature are known separately to have positive effects on physical and mental health. We have investigated whether there is a synergistic benefit in adopting physical activities whilst being directly exposed to nature (‘green exercise’). Five groups of 20 subjects were exposed to a sequence of 30 scene...

Cites in Google Scholar: 1642
Can ecopsychology research inform coaching and positive psychology practice?

S Palmer Coaching Psychology International 2015

This short paper focuses on how both coaching psychology and positive psychology practice can be informed by ecopsychology research. It argues that coaching and positive psychologists can promote relatively straightforward ecopsychological interventions to their client groups in order to enhance their wellbeing

Cites in Google Scholar: 13
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