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Towards a model of coaching transfer: An exploration of the effects of coaching inputs on transfer

L Stewart, S Palmer, H Wilkin, M Kerrin International Coaching Psychology Review 2008

Objectives: Executive coaching has become a respected learning and development strategy. Coaching outcomes and the conditions required for coachees to implement and sustain their development in the workplace have yet to be fully understood. These deficits impede coaching evaluation. The present study sought to operationalise a successful ...

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Integrating action learning practices into executive coaching to enhance business results

V Vaartjes International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2005

Coaching-based development is growing in prominence as a means of enhancing the achievement of leadership outcomes in Australian business. This article seeks to demonstrate how the application of the practices associated with action learning can be applied to support the achievement of practical outcomes within group-based executive co...

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From Strategic Planning to Strategic Coaching: Evolving conceptual frameworks to enable changing business cultures

G Ledgerwood International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2003

This paper uses an exploration of recent developments in corporate theory and human resources development to suggest that successful corporate systems emerging out of international business turbulence since 1990 constitute entrepreneurial networks rather than bureaucratic hierarchies. Enterprise networks require forms of human resourc...

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Does thinking about motivation boost motivation levels

J Gelona The Coaching Psychologist 2011

Motivation is key to success and well-being. The achievement of any goal depends in part on peoples’ motivation. Of considerable relevance in this context, is the issue of whether people consciously engage with the process of generating and maintaining self-motivation – particularly whether or not individuals are proactive in bringing ...

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What motivates coaching clients? A practitioner’s view

J Gelona The Coaching Psychologist 2008

Motivation is seen as a crucial ingredient to the success of any venture. It is a key element in moving people to action and in enabling them to attain valued outcomes from goals they choose to pursue. This paper explores and discusses what people in executive/business and management roles have to say about self-motivation and what mo...

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School leaders’ resilience: does coaching help in supporting headteachers and deputies?

H Sardar, S Galdames Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and P... 2017

Using the qualitative case study approach, the following research focuses on the connection between coaching and resilience. Using an interpretative approach, based on the principles of grounded theory, semi-structured interviews were conducted to explore this relationship in depth. The findings of the study suggest that when headteachers...

Cites in Google Scholar: 22
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