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Executive development in healthcare during times of turbulence: top management perceptions and recommendations

SJ Hartman, S Crow Journal of management in medicine 2002

In this research we report an analysis of comments from managers and executives in healthcare organizations to provide insights into the strategic management needs of healthcare organizations. The comments were obtained as part of a survey that asked upper‐level managers and executives to identify strategic management skill and knowledge ...

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Developing a healthcare leadership coaching model using action research and systems approaches – a case study: Implementing an executive coaching programme to support nurse managers in achieving organisational objectives in Malta

H Law, R Aquilina International Coaching Psychology Review 2013

Objectives: This study aims to show how a leadership coaching programme for Nurse Ward Managers may be implemented in a general hospital with the following objectives: ● clarify the Nurse Ward Managers’ idealised leadership attributes (ILA); ● identify any perceived gaps in leadership skills; ● develop and provide a comprehensive coa...

Cites in Google Scholar: 37
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