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Creating a coaching culture

D Megginson, D Clutterbuck Industrial and commercial training 2006

Purpose – This paper aims to summarise the author's recent research into what is involved in creating a coaching culture. Design/methodology/approach – Based on a series of organisation cases six dimensions are identified and four sub‐dimensions within each, and an instrument is developed that assesses the level of development of org...

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Coachable Moments: Identifying Factors that Influence Managers to take Advantage of Coachable Moments in Day-to-Day Management

C Turner, G McCarthy International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2015

The purpose of this study was to identify the factors that influence managers to take advantage of coachable moments in day-to-day management. Interviews with ten managers found that time, skills, and relationships were key factors considered by managers, but that these were considered within the context of potential “risk” to the mana...

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Wearing Multiple Hats? Challenges for Managers-as-Coaches and Their Organizations

P Fatien Diochon, K Otter International Leadership Journal 2015

This article explores the challenges for individuals and organizations of adding coaching to the repertoire of managers. In complex and dynamic environments, a manager becomes responsible for developing people for continuous learning, which transforms him or her into a manager-as-coach. However, the resulting expanded capacities and sk...

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Creating a Coaching Culture in a Global Organization

B Pullen, E Crane The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2011

There are many different opinions and perspectives on the topic of coaching culture. This article reviews mainstream definitions of coaching culture, looks at the benefits a coaching culture provides, examines the business case for developing a coaching culture, and explores Fortune 500 company CH2M HILL’s journey to developing a coaching...

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The Argument Against Coaching Cultures

N Evans The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2011

In recent years, a number of articles and books have been written on the subject of how to create a coaching culture in the belief that this will have a positive effect on organizational performance and other outcomes such as employee morale and retention. In this article, it is argued that this is a leap of logic derived from evidence th...

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