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Coaching: A tool for success.

L Tyson, H Birnbrauer Training & Development Journal 1983

Describes the functions and advantages of having coaches in private industry whose job is to aid employees in new assignments or positions. Coaches can assist employees in developing motivation, improving performance, and providing an environment conducive to explanation and discussion. A plan for industrial coaching, rules for good coach...

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Toward a profession of coaching: Sixty-five years of progress and challenges for the future.

M Cavanagh, A Grant International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2004

The coaching industry has reached a key important point in its maturation. This maturation is being driven by at least three interrelated forces: (1) accumulated coaching experience; (2) the increasing entry of professionals into coaching from a wide variety of prior backgrounds; and (3) the increasing sophistication of management and ...

Cites in Google Scholar: 417
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